Cold Brew

Cold brew is easy as pie and delicious for days. You can opt to purchase a cold brew maker, our fav is the Gator Cold Brew canister. Or, you can use a French Press or mason jar and our cold brew cloth. Cold brew is simply a slow extraction brew process. We use a ratio of 12:1 (we like it on the stronger side).


Use coarse ground coffee.

Our cold brew consider is 47 oz. We like a strong cold brew, and use 100g (1/2c) of coffee. However, you can play around the ratios to get the perfect taste that fits you.

Slowly pour in cold or lukewarm water into the grounds, allowing the water to pass through the grounds into the craft.

Let the mixture sit out on the on the counter 24 hrs. Some recipes suggest placing your mix into the refrigerator to extract. However, we found the brew seems to extract stronger and smoother at room temperature.

After 24 hrs. your coffee is ready to enjoy. (If you are using a fresh press, now is when you press!). Remove the grounds from the coffee to prevent over extraction, which makes bitter coffee.

Transfer cold brew into a fresh container and store in your fridge for up to one week. Although, we doubt it will last that long.