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Decaf Colombia - WS

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Our Decaf Colombia is sourced from a group of women producers. This group began in 1999 by 80 women to form the AMACA. Now the AMACA is 140 smallholder members strong. 

All of the members derive their livelihood from the cultivation and production of coffee. A premium is paid to AMACA above the value of the coffee in order to support their goals and aspirations as a group. Their mantra is simple: to improve the quality of life for their members and their members’ families. Currently, one of their most pressing needs is a warehouse space to properly receive, cup, manage, and store their coffees. We believe these premiums can help them to accomplish these goals and in turn, support this passionate and strong-willed group of women in their love for and livelihood of quality coffee.

Notes: Excellent flavor balance, a delicious decaf with citrus and caramel notes.

What is EA Wash?

EA wash is the process used to remove the caffeine from the bean. To remove the caffeine, sugarcane is fermented to produce Ethyl Acetate. The beans are washed through large filters (think Brita style) that extract the caffeine from the bean. Leaving behind all the good stuff (flavors, color and its true origin) of the green bean. This is a natural process of removal - chemical free. 

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Cindy Wysocki
Best ever!!

Smooth and delicious! Perfect. Thank you for another outstanding roast!