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Organic Peru

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Start your morning off right with Organic Peru! Our smooth, balanced blend of organic coffee, with flavor notes of semi-sweet chocolate, brown sugar, and sweet tobacco is sure to please even the pickiest of java connoisseurs. Enjoy this crowd pleaser in the comfort of your own home and make every morning a treat. Who said coffee couldn't be fun?!

Flavor Notes: Hints of semi-sweet chocolate, brown sugar, tobacco, raspberry. Offering a smooth and balanced feel.  

Customer Reviews

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Steve Frank
Organic Peru: Yes!

I admit to being a coffee snob even though I can't describe all the "notes" of a coffee. If you are ready to leave behind over-roasted, low grade beans from the big chains, you're in for a treat with Genesis coffees. The Organic Peru coffee is one of my favorites from Genesis. Whether you have tried a Peruvian whole bean coffee in the past or not, this is clearly worth trying. Great quality beans and roasting produce a full bodied cup with great balance of acid and smoothness. Never bitter. One of my favorites from Genesis, I enjoy it any time of day, and especially to start my day.

Michael Coffey
Fantastic coffee

It's my go to these days!

Amazing roast!

The organic Peru is delicious by itself or with a touch of cream. It is balanced and super smooth.

Lizzi Robertson
Clean and smooth

Your best roast yet! Mild, smooth, and delicious. We tried it in our espresso machine, French press, and old school camping coffee maker, and it was amazing in each one. I LOVE that I can get an organic coffee from a local roaster!

Luke Kruger

Organic Peru